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Henry Ford's Model T

The Car that changed the World
On May 26, 1927, Henry Ford drove the 15 Millionth Model T off the assembly line. The Model T wasn't the coolest or the most elegant of cars. Rather it was the car built for the average American. Ford was more of an efficiency expert than an engineer. What he did was continually figure out ways to make the building of automobiles more and more efficient. In October1908, when the Model T was introduced, it sold for $825 (equivalent to about $23k in today's dollars). By 1914, Ford got the price down where it represented just four months pay for assembly worker in his factory. In 1916, Ford produced 472,000 Model T's, and the priced dropped even further. In 1927, the basic Model T was selling for just $360, which is a little over $5,000 in today's dollars. So why was the Model T, the most significant car in history? It was the car that made automobile transportation commonplace, not just an indulgement of the few who could afford custom built and very expensive cars.

I found the 1922 Model T in these photos at the annual "steam up" event of Rhode Island's Wireless and Steam Museum. Owner George Taber described how he had brought the car home as a bunch of disconnected parts in the back of his pick up and rebuilt it from the chassis up.
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