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Minnesota's Annual Antique Car Run

Every August since 1987 there is an extraordinary event that takes place between the towns of New London and New Brighton, Minnnesota.

Why ?… well it is a wonderful event that everyone loves, and that’s the real reason, but the official reason is that it commemorates and event that took place in the original towns of London and Brighton, England in 1896.

In the very, very early days of the “horseless carriage” England had a red flag law that required all operators of these new fangled motorized carriages to have a person walking ahead with a red flag to warn the drivers of horse drawn carriages of an oncoming car that might spook their horses.

The law was repealed in 1896, and to celebrate, owners of automobiles drove from London to Brighton with no red flags. That moment is celebrated annually in England with “the Commemorative Run” between London and Brighton.

So the towns of New London and New Brighton in Minnesota decided in 1987 to have a similar event here. The route is 120 miles. To participate, cars must be of 1908 vintage or older but can be as new as 1915 if they operate on one or two cylinders.

Car owners come from all around to participate. Typically 60 to 70 cars do the “Run,“ and most succeed in completing the 120 mile course through countryside and small towns.

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